Introduction to The Americana Groove Project

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The Americana Groove Project is a bold and fresh departure for Jae Sinnett. Jae is an esteemed drummer, composer, music educator, bandleader and veteran NPR affiliate broadcaster…the host of two very popular shows on WHRV FM out of Norfolk VA. He’s well known for his soulful and versatile drumming, With the Groove Project Jae steps out from behind the kit to sing lead for the band…delivering a fine-tuned survey of the groove heavy, uniquely American roots concepts, that enthralled him even before his career began. “I wanted to go back to the grooves that influenced me as a young boy, just getting into music and into drumming,” Sinnett explains. “Timeless grooves like the ones James Brown, and Bo Diddley created, or the ones at the heart of so many Stax and Motown releases. I took certain rhythms, reshaped them through my own musical filters, and used them as a foundation for these songs in helping to define this band’s sound.” Across the album’s nine tracks Sinnett steers the band through a variety of styles and grooves that reflect the soulful perspectives, passion and synergy that encompass the American Groove. “Americana, in my view, references American roots music…folk, blue grass, blues, R&B, soul, jazz, rock, gospel and country. In one way or another they’re all based on the American groove concept. These styles emanated here then exploded onto the world’s cultural landscape and brought the soul of the American groove to the masses around the globe.”
Joining Jae is an all star line up of some of the best Hampton Roads VA musicians. Powerhouse guitarist Jay Rakes is feature. He’s versatile and can play everything from rock to blues to jazz fusion. Terry Burrell is playing bass and has been with Jae now for over 20 years. Weldon Hill is the keyboardist and is well known for his work with symphonies, the military ensembles as a civilian, his swinging jazz work and his educational efforts as the former Provost of Virginia State University. The drum chair is held now by the young sensational firebrand Cody Thornton. Cody adds that funky groove pocket as the foundation of the band. Brittany Burrell, Terry’s daughter, is the second lead vocalist. She’s soulful, versatile and can light up a room with her passion and energy.
Be it soul, blues, rock, funk or R&B – alone, in combination or any point in between – The Americana Groove Project is a passionate tribute to some of the greatest music, and musical styles, America has produced.
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