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“Whilst the complexities of the music on Zero to 60 present each musician unique harmonic, melodic and rhythmic challenges, the simple fact is that the listener can walk away feeling totally satisfied, not only fully content with what has been heard, but humming a tune with glee.  That’s the beauty of Sinnett’s writing.  The compositions are clever in a jazz writing sense, but they’re just so tuneful, catchy even.  Add to that the incomparable performances from each member of the quartet and what we have is an awesome album of straight-ahead jazz at its very best and most rewarding.

“Every track on Zero to 60 stands out, there are no weak links here.  Passionate, driving grooves, inventive soloing and fiercely enigmatic performances make for a wonderfully dynamic album.  The writing never resorts to cliché, the whole album being full of a spirit that sets it apart from the vast majority of recordings one might hear in this field of music; refreshingly authentic and oozing class.

Zero to 60 is one fine album.  As the band leader himself puts it; ‘Zero to 60 is filled with the emotional sensibilities that bring home the point of why you listen to the music in the first place.  How it makes you feel.’  I couldn’t have put it better myself.” – Mike Gates, UK Vibe

“The title of this record is something of a double entendre, referencing both the arrival of a milestone birthday for drummer-composer Jae Sinnett and the specific decade that helped influence his outlook on music, art, and life in general.  But don’t let that information fool you.  This isn’t some nostalgia-filled date with flower power filigree.  This is modern jazz that sells itself through the marriage of sophistication and accessibility.  And while those two might seem like strange bedfellows, they shouldn’t.  There’s no reason that music can’t be catchy and intricate at the same time, and this record successfully makes that argument.

“With thirteen other albums to his credit over the past three decades, a quarter century of work as a jazz radio personality, a sterling reputation as an educator, and vast composition credits spanning genres and formats, Sinnett has practically done it all.  He brings all of that experience to bear on this album, merging powerful thought and pleasing ideas with nary a problem.” – Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

“American Classical Music, commonly referred to as Jazz, has produced a long history of extraordinary talent.  Jae Sinnett is no exception and joins the elite corps of contributors to the only art form that developed in America along with American Indian Art.  I was first introduced to Jae’s music via The Sinnett Hearings, which remains one of his most interesting presentations I have been privileged to listen to.  His latest, Zero to 60, is full of thought provoking  performances and the pulse is never forgotten…be it up tempo or the beautiful Omega closing the set.  Excusez-moi for the beautiful use of mallets Jae!!!  I am curious at this point as to whether Jae names the compositions or like myself, the compositions dictate to me what they want to be titled.  Quail Creek causes one to be there and here is a composer that has been given a gift that makes one think on many levels.  Music is supposed to do just that.  This is what this wonderful art form is about.  The artist, writer, performer or orchestrator…be it Ravel, Ellington, Strayhorn, Art Tatum…and in this case Jae Sinnett, are classic examples of stirring the emotions of laughter, tears, reflection and all the areas of this life we live…leaving you with an experience that remains!!!  Carry on, Mr. Sinnett with your many gifts!!!” – Ahmad Jamal

“Drummer and composer Jae Sinnett’s new release Zero to 60 is a delight.  Filled with gentle surprises and a wide variety of grooves, Jae’s selection of songs leads the listener on a rewarding journey, from the utterly modern and swinging Double Dribble to the poignant Quail Creek; through an unexpected medium-tempo Never Let Me Go.  Leading a band made up of deep and potent sidemen, who are also revered musical leaders in their own right, Jae has captured the spirit of jazz music without ever resorting to cliché.  His songs are concise and singable – a rare quality in a modern jazz composer.  I am thankful for this thoroughly enjoyable and masterful CD, and look forward to much more of Jae Sinnett’s musical journey in the future!” – Saxophonist Joel Frahm

“The CD is exceptionally well played, with Allen Farnham (piano), Hans Glawischnig (bass) and Ralph Bowen (tenor saxophone) rounding out this fine quartet; and exceptionally well-recorded (the sound is just brilliantly recorded and engineered).  Memorable melodies and a distinctly positive energy – I’m anxious to get this one on the air on my weekly jazz program!” – Dr. Brad Stone – Host – The Creative Source

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