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Slippin Into Darkness

The Jae Sinnett Trio

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“It’s tempting sometimes to think of the purveyors of this thoroughly enjoyable music as The Justin Kauflin Trio.  Or, at least, The Jae Sinnett Trio featuring Justin Kauflin.  No slight on the considerable talents of drummer Sinnett and bassist Terry Burrell.  If anything, Sinnett, with his first live date, is to be commended for selecting tracks from Hampton Roads performances last year that showcase the soulfulness of the trio members and the group’s musical cohesiveness.

“But pianist Kauflin is ‘frankly…explosive,’ to quote Sinnett.  The blind Virginia Beach native is also melodic, swinging, bluesy – you name it.  Catch Kauflin’s gentle, opening pianism on Dolphin Dance.

“Sinnett’s excellent on his Straight Around the Corner, soulfully upfront one moment, providing the palate the next for Kauflin’s nimble, jaunty keyboards and Burrell’s fine fingering the next.  The CD’s most commercial track is the War hit Slippin into Darkness, here given a slight reggae tint.

Theatre is a winner, Sinnett and his mates playing from the heart.”

Marvin Leon Lake, The Virginian-Pilot


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