Zero to 60

Out on: Jae Sinnett / J-Nett Music


Double Dribble

Jae Sinnett

Farm Hands

Jae Sinnett

Quail Creek

Jae Sinnett

Hans Up!

Jae Sinnett

Watch Your Step

Jae Sinnett

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“Drummer and composer Jae Sinnett’s new release Zero to 60 is a delight.  Filled with gentle surprises and a wide variety of grooves, Jae’s selection of songs leads the listener on a rewarding journey, from the utterly modern and swinging Double Dribble to the poignant Quail Creek; through an unexpected medium-tempo Never Let Me Go.  Leading a band made up of deep and potent sidemen, who are also revered musical leaders in their own right, Jae has captured the spirit of jazz music without ever resorting to cliché.  His songs are concise and singable – a rare quality in a modern jazz composer.  I am thankful for this thoroughly enjoyable and masterful CD, and I look forward to much more of Jae Sinnett’s musical journey in the future!”

Saxophonist Joel Frahm


Release: 888295348713

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