It’s Telling…A Drummer’s Perspective

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It's Telling...

Jae Sinnett

Simple Pleasures

Jae Sinnett

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“Jae Sinnett has produced the kind of recording that I like best from drummers/bandleaders: an unapologetic drummer’s record!  The sound of the quartet resonates with me; I enjoy hearing the electric bass support the acoustic instruments and that solid foundation gives Jae more room to stretch out and play with a full sound.  Jae’s compositions are well constructed melodically and harmonically, and of course, are quite interesting rhythmically.  He gives himself ample solo space, which I applaud.  Jae’s playing has grown steadily over the years and It’s Telling…A Drummer’s Perspective showcases him at his all around best – his most mature and adventurous playing to date.”

Steve Smith


Release: 837101436397

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